Dungeons & Dragons Online Module 8 Previews

Ten Ton Hammer and Massively have both cranked out new features detailing the high level content being added in Turbine’s Module 8 update for Dungeons & Dragons Online. A snip from Ten Ton Hammer’s coverage:

Spells are included, such as Death Pact (where a cleric gets an automatic raise dead if they die), Mass Protection from Energy and some others for paladins and similar, are added to the game. Not a ton of new spells, but definitely some new spells. The game engine (under the hood) for DDO is getting an upgrade too, meaning that Dx10 will now work for DDO. Water and other effects are going to look even better!

Armor needs special mention. Armor can now be made using the eldritch device! There are three different types of runes, Tempest, Eldritch and Sovereign. You collect these from quests, and use them to upgrade your armor semi-randomly. There are three different types of buffs to the armor, each addressed by a specific type of rune. Each buff can be replaced by using a similar type of rune. So if you’re not happy with the buff granted by using your Eldritch rune, then you can gather another Eldritch rune and use it to replace the old buff.

And a link to Massively’s coverage, where you’ll find a gallery of 29 images showing off the new content with added blurbs like this one:

This is one of the first dungeons in the new module, an abandoned drow monastery. The Monastery of the Scorpion is just one of the place players will be searching out in Module 8. The agents of Argonessen are seeking out player assistance to contact a character known as Sor’jek. He was the DDO team’s first raid, and one of the most popular for players. He’s become a lich, and is now in the aid of the Truthful One. He aims to slay dragons and reanimate the for the Truthful One’s army. The players are tasked with scouring the farthest reaches of Xen’drik to discover information on the Truthful One’s plot. They also have to seek out artifacts that will be required to deal with Sor’jeks necromantic intentions.

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