Dungeons & Dragons Online Coming to PAX East 2023

Standing Stone Games, the developers behind the long-running free to play MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online, will be attending this year’s PAX East where they’ll be hosting a panel discussion on the art of building MMORPG dungeons.

This livestreamed event will be taking place on March 23, 2023. And should you attend it in person, you can also expect a chance to interact with the team afterwards and get some commemorative goodies.

But beyond just that, you can now participate in a quick dungeon design survey, the results of which will be spotlighted during the panel and later make their way into the game as an actual dungeon.

Here’s more on that:

We are honored to be hosting a panel discussion at PAX East 2023! The presentation “Dungeons & Dragons Online: How game devs build dungeons LIVE!” will take place from 2:00pm – 3:00pm Eastern (-5 GMT) on Thursday, March 23rd from the PAX East Albatross Theatre (Room 210). If you are attending PAX East we hope to see you there!

Ever wonder how your favorite MMO’s dungeons get built, what traps they use, or mechanics they want to highlight? Join MMO’s ultimate Dungeon Masters from Standing Stone Games as we delve into our creative process and build a dungeon for you live on stage! Our seasoned experts in game design, systems strategy, and production will all share a behind-the-curtain view of how Dungeons and Dragons Online develops instances that players enjoy. Not only that, but we’re giving the audience the chance to vote for what they would like to see implemented in the dungeon that they can play in game at a later date!

We are also hosting a community meetup that evening open to anyone in the area who is close enough to attend! We will have more information about the meetup soon, but expect it to take place in the early evening of Thursday, March 23rd within walking or short public transportation distance from the convention center. For now we are not taking reservations, but if that changes we will let you know. This will be a fun hangout for chat, swag, and more!

Help us build the dungeon with a brief survey! We’re looking for everyone to offer their input on two choices that will be used by the team at the panel…and eventually brought into the game!

CLICK HERE to fill out the survey!

The survey will be available to respond to until 12:00pm Eastern on Thursday, February 23rd. What: Dungeons & Dragons Online: How game devs build dungeons LIVE!

Where: PAX East, Albatross Theatre (room 210)

When: Thursday, March 23rd 2:00pm-3:00pm Eastern (-5 GMT)


  • Robert “Nohbob” Hess, Senior Game Designer II
  • Brent “Torc” Walton, Senior Content and Systems Designer
  • Sonya “Artemist” McCree, Game Designer I
  • Amanda “Tolero” Grow, Producer
  • Jerry “Cordovan” Snook, Community Manager

Community Meetup: Thursday, March 23rd, exact time TBD but early evening likely.

Where: Location TBD

The panel will be livestreamed by the PAX East organization on one of their Twitch channels! We’ll have more information on the stream soon, but we expect the livestream will be broadcast on Twitch.tv/PAX2.

We’ll update this message with new information in the coming weeks!

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