Dungeon Siege II Preview

ActionTrip has put together a preview of Dungeon Siege II, the upcoming action RPG sequel from Microsoft and Gas Powered Games. An excerpt:

Improvement has obviously been the keyword throughout the game’s entire development cycle. The franchise has progressed both technically and visually. The new SFX graphical engine allows for a broader range of visual effects, richer background detail, and, most importantly, environmental interactivity, which was said to have a crucial influence on the gameplay. Using the surroundings to gain tactical advantage will most likely fit well with the enhanced AI, creating a truly challenging experience for all gamers. Character animation also went through a significant tune up, while the cinematics now run in the game-engine. Game-engine cinematics are often misinterpreted by some as a weak visual moment. From our standpoint, they create a closer relationship between the player and the characters he is leading. It also streamlines the whole experience, showing off a simple yet effective blend of the story and the game itself. To spice things up even further, artwork and character models have received an overhaul; plus, a variety of new ones have been thrown in to boot.

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