Dungeon Siege II Preview

GameSpot is the latest website to offer up a hands-on preview of Dungeon Siege II, once again based on a recent press copy of the action RPG sequel. A paragraph to follow:

If you fall in battle (and trust us, that’ll happen a lot), you have various options. Assuming that you’re merely knocked unconscious and fall to the ground, you’ll eventually recover and get back up. But if you or your party is killed, you can use a resurrect spell (assuming there’s anyone left to cast it), or else you will spawn at the nearest town, but with all your equipped items and 25-percent of your gold left behind at your gravestone. You can then ask a member of the Guild of Death to return all your equipment, but you’ll lose your gold, or else you can simply travel back to the gravestone and all your stuff will magically reappear.

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