Dungeon Siege II Preview

IGN PC has written up a hands-on preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon a press build they recently received. Here’s a bit to get you started:

As this is a combat-oriented RPG, the character development system is actually pretty deep. You’ll have separate skill trees for melee, ranged, combat magic, and nature magic. There’s multiple levels of each skill in the tree, and power attack you unlock as you put points into those skills. The power attacks take a while to recharge, so they’re best saved for crucial situations. All the skills are passive, however. Overall, it’s most similar to Diablo II skill development. Furthermore, the enchanted gear you pick up will typically have skill requirements as well as level requirement. And there might also be a certain level requirement for your proficiency in melee, ranged, combat magic, or nature magic. Each of the four damage types has seven powers you can eventually unlock, and they’re all pretty cool-looking. The fifth melee power, for example, is Warcry, a cone-effect attack that reduces enemy armor by 25% and makes your next four attacks hit for critical damage. And that’s just the first level of the skill.

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