Dungeon Siege II Interview

GameSpy has conducted an interview with Kevin Lambert, asking the Dungeon Siege II lead designer several questions about the enhanced artificial intelligence in the upcoming sequel. Check it out:

Q: Supposedly the monsters have more special abilities than ever. Can you give us some examples?

A: In the first Dungeon Siege, players had a considerable advantage over monsters because players could cast beneficial spells (known as “buffs”) on comrades and negative spells (known as “debuffs”) on enemies, whereas monsters could not do either. In Dungeon Siege 2, we’ve added support for monsters to be able to use these techniques as well. And, while the jury is still out on whether this makes battles more fun or not, you can probably expect to see some mighty interesting encounters. Then, of course, DS2 will have a healthy suite of super-cool boss fights with completely customized attacks and abilities.

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