Dungeon Siege II Friday Update

Gas Powered Games has posted their first Friday update on the official Dungeon Siege II website, this time releasing six new pieces of concept art, a new Armory section, and a dev diary entry by Sarah Boulian (lead level designer). A snippet from the dev diary:

There has to be a central conflict that will turn everything in our pleasant little dream world on its head – which of course requires our resourceful hero to enter the scene – and bring things to some sort of satisfying resolution through a lengthy journey that also involves a whole lot of combat. It’s this journey, its story, and game play that define the meat and potatoes of the game experience – for which our compelling world provides the backdrop. Implementing this journey is what the level design team has been tasked with taking to the next level in Dungeon Siege II.

To do this, the DS2 team has had to come up with some new tricks.

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