Dungeon Siege II Friday Update

Gas Powered Games has posted another Friday update on the official Dungeon Siege II website, this time releasing six new pieces of concept art, a dev diary entry by Daniel Achterman, and an Armory addition. A snippet from the dev diary:

I’ve been working on spell statistics all weekend, including mana costs, durations, and damage amounts. I burned out in the middle of Curses about halfway through Sunday. It’s slow work, because every formula is related to numerous game systems. The effectiveness of a spell needs to be measured relative to every other action the character can be performing, and everything is modified by variables such as what skills a character has learned. I’m being particularly meticulous because one of our primary goals is to give the player many choices about how to build a party, which means that all our classes need to offer a distinct gameplay experience, and that an all-cursing mage needs to be about as powerful as an all-fire mage or an all-summoning mage.

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