Dungeon Siege II E3 Preview

GameSpy has put together a preview of Dungeon Siege II, based upon what they saw at this year’s E3. Check it out:

In our earlier previews we talked about the new ‘pets’ system, which allowed you to customize your own powerful sidekick. It was great to see this in action. During the demo we befriended a fire elemental, who followed the party raising our fire resistance and decimating enemies with enormous fireballs that bloomed into giant yellow-orange explosions. To make your pets grow and evolve, you actually feed them magic items (a good way to dump objects that you’re too lazy to haul around. “Here fluffy, choke this sucker down!” *gulp*) As pets grow they gain new abilities based on the types of items they were fed, and fully evolved pets will have unique attacks that aren’t available anywhere else in the game. As a player, it’s up to you if you want to create a party of heroes or a single hero with a ton of pets.

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