Dungeon Siege II Bestiary Article

GameSpy has published a two-page article for Dungeon Siege II, in which several of the creatures we’ll be facing in the RPG sequel are profiled. A snip about the ‘Undead Azunite Soldier’:

Legends have circulated for centuries about fantastic lost treasures hidden in forgotten caves and lost dungeons, and where such legends exist, there will always be the foolhardy souls who try to find them. So it is with the mythic artifacts of the Azunites. As is common with such legends, though, most who went in search of them returned empty-handed — those who returned at all. Recent developments, however, have shown that the treasures of the Azunites are real, as are their guardians. Azunite Soldiers are undead warriors charged with a vigil that lasted even beyond the deaths of their bodies. While their flesh may have decayed, their skills with the sword remain as sharp as ever.

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