Dungeon Rats Update #1 Released

Without any type of fanfare on the official website, Iron Tower Studio stealthily released their first major update for Dungeon Rats, which introduces a variety of bug fixes, balance adjustments, mechanic tweaks, and more to the role-playing title.  The full set of notes:


  • Added an optional system to highlight enemies, allies, and active characters (see the screen above).
  • Bomb explosions have better sounds and visuals.
  • Improved models and icons for armor made from creatures’ hides
  • Hover your mouse over the enemies to see their hit points (among other things)
  • Added more info on weapons (type and one-handed or two-handed)
  • Added improved help screen (press F1 when playing the game)
  • Bows can be decomposed
  • Improved collision and visuals of the black scolopendras’ nest
  • Schematics icon no longer covers the number of items


  • Increased shields’ vsRanged by 5.
  • Reduced the Constructs’ shield vsRanged to 40 (from 50).
  • Slightly reduced the Constructs’ ranged damage.
  • Fixed the lack of “helmets” on the Constructs.
  • Liquid Fire’s duration reduced from 4 turns to 2.
  • Reduced Roxana’s skills a bit (Dagger, Xbow and CS) and her starting skill points (20).
  • Reduced Hieron’s starting skill points to 10, increased Hammer and CS skill by 1.
  • Increased mobility bonus to 3 per tile (from 2).
  • The Constructs’ drop rock oil not per unit killed but her fight.
  • Added more sticks and stones to break your bones.
  • Tweaked the chest reward after the second fight (new game only).
  • Added more wood in the first levels.
  • Tweaked stones and javelins stats.
  • Lowered heavy throwing items weight.
  • Lowered the amount of alchemy ingredients.
  • Added a few extra sources of rock oil.
  • Slightly lowered spear interrupt chance.
  • Spear Interrupts no longer does criticals
  • Rebalanced Scaurus’ spear and shield, and made them unique instead of crafted.

New Bomb Mechanics:

  • Chance to knockdown is now tied to the CS chance and CON (lower for high CON characters, higher for low CON characters). Before it was tile based (100% if you were at the center, half for each tile away).
  • The CS bonus is 30% at the center of the explosion and goes down with every tile.
  • Added chance to damage armor. Frag bombs increases the chance.
  • Criticals increase damage.


  • Added Shield Bash ability to tower shields
  • Fixed the passive bonus info for bows and xbows.
  • Fixed camera jumping up and down on character switch
  • Fixed potent poison’s damage
  • Fixed wrong status icon tooltips displayed over portraits
  • You can no longer dismiss allies during combat.
  • Fixed getting One Man Band instead of Tinman if you won in normal or hard difficulties ironman.
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