Dungeon Lords: The Orb and the Oracle Website Launched

DreamCatcher has launched a new website dedicated to Heuristic Park’s Dungeon Lords: The Orb and the Oracle. There isn’t a whole lot there yet, but you will find two new screenshots and the following background information:

Endowed with a new mystical vision, the Elven wizard Emmindor, is forewarned of a re-emergent evil. The Incaba Dominastra, an ancient secret society thought destroyed at the end of the last age reappear to embark upon a quest of unholy purpose.

Relaying his vision to the high wizard Galdryn, Patriarch of the Circle of Mages, Emmindor has learned only that the Incaba Dominastra still survives and has dispatched a clandestine agent to seek and recover an ancient artifact known as the Orb of Oracles. Galdryn confides to Emmindor that his knowledge of this artifact is limited to but a single rumor – that anyone who possesses the Orb of Oracles is not only able to see the future, but to journey there as well…

Galdryn summons our hero, and sets before us a most dangerous and covert mission, to uncover the identity of the mysterious dark agent of the Incaba Dominastra, and to obtain the Orb of Oracles before the Incaba Dominastra can retrieve it. Galdryn relates that according to the ancient tales, the Orb of Oracles was hidden far in the Northlands, beyond the kingdom of Rothn, and is protected by a special guardian. The tales say that there is an ancient mystic who lies in wait, known as the Oracle of the Orb, and that this Oracle alone possesses the knowledge of where and how the magical Orb might be won from its guardian. To find the Orb, one must seek out the Oracle.

Your journey begins…

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