Dungeon Lords Review

Gamer’s Hell has written up a review of Dungeon Lords, giving DreamCatcher and Heuristic Park’s newly released RPG an overall score of 4.0/10:

Dungeon Lords is nowhere near done, and in a competitive world where release dates are not flexible for B-list products, game publishers have decided to save money for games like Dungeon Lords by forcing consumers to beta test a product which they then patch later, IF the consumers are lucky. Dreamcatcher, I sincerely hope you go under for this mockery you call a (finished product). You deserve nothing less.

While I agree with everything they say about the game being unfinished and buggy at release, I don’t see why it received such low scores in areas such as graphics. With resolutions as high as 1600×1200 and the ability to completely customize your character’s appearance with equipment, it’s my opinion that this game has excellent visuals overall. But maybe that’s just me…

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