Dungeon Lords Preview

RPGamer has put together a preview of Dungeon Lords, the upcoming action RPG from DreamCatcher and Heuristic Park. Take a look:

Since the player character has no specified trait, except for perhaps that inherent Manifest Destiny that all main characters tend to hold, the character creation process is an important part of Dungeon Lords. In addition to the eight character classes available, seven races have been identified for player use in creation: Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Urgoths, Wylvans, Zaurs, and Thralls. Additionally, an eighth mystery race has been hinted at and may be available for character building as well. Each race has natural abilities and statistics that should be considered, creating strengths and weaknesses. For example, the Thralls are short characters that are physically weak; however, they are extremely apt and accurate in the wielding of weapons and bucklers. Races also have classes and skills that they are more proficient at than others, such as the swift and intelligent elves, who make excellent thieves or healers. Players can also develop their character skills according to their whims. Skills fall into six categories–weapon skills, defense skills, general skills, magical skills, thief skills, and diabolic skills. Most of these are self explanatory, with the possible exception of diabolic skills, which determine the amount of dastardly and excessively violent combat skills that can be used such as stabbing an opponent in the back. Character appearances are customizable with a variety of gear and facial features.

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