Dungeon Lords Preview

RPGFan had the chance to check out a press build of Heuristic Park’s Dungeon Lords and have whipped up a preview based on what they saw. Here’s a taste:

Character creation can be initially imposing, but goes in line with Bradley’s vision of having a more mainstream game. After the initial draw for skills, players are able to get to the action quickly and easily. Completely opposite from Baten Kaitos’ level system that allows characters only to level up in a single place, Dungeon Lords allows players to distribute experience into skills whenever, wherever. Need additional strength to bash down a door? Drop your extra EXP into your bash skill and take down that door with your newfound might. Additionally, players can level up skill and spell sets that allow armor and weapons to be used or let their avatars bust some more magic missiles down the road. Specialization is more difficult, like many standard CRPG systems, as the more advanced skills cost a lot of skill points.

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