Dungeon Lords Patch Update

Heuristic Park artist Charles “CHUK22” Vinson stopped by Typhoon Games’ official forums to provide an update on an upcoming second (and third!) patch for Dungeon Lords. Here’s what he had to say:

Update 2 should be up soon… been fixing some critical issues.

Notably fixing timing with Elderon and Morgus and the doors they pass through to keep them from getting stuck. Some machines experiencing specific framerates in those areas can cause problems with the timing. This has been fixed.

Also, the anomaly which sometimes causes the messenger at the Unholy Arc to not arrive has been fixed.

Other changes:

Helmet and other inventory bug fixes:

More spell availability functionality fixes.
Junk Inventory has been implemented (and new balancing economy wise based on that)

alot of other miscellaneous fixes….

Update 3 is planned to contain automap functionality and character customization.

These heavy issues have to be addressed all at once, as they create compatability issues with earlier savegames/multiplayer versions.

will try to keep you updated as I get more information…

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