Dungeon Lords Demo Comments

The guys at RPGDot were able to chat with Heuristic Park’s artistic director ‘Chuk’ about what sort of feedback the company has received since the release of the Dungeon Lords demo. Here’s a bit about the differences between the demo version and what we’ll be seeing in the final version:

Differences between the Demo and the Game:

We gave the players far more abilities, skills, spells, in the demo than they will have in the beginning of the game (so they could test drive some of the cool stuff) and demo users can also take advantages of the Revive key having no penalty. Users should take note: The starting equipment, skill availability and super revive key present in the demo are not indicative of starting player loadout in the final game (which will be a very limited set of spells and equipment, based on starting class).

We appreciate everyone’s interest and feedback! All the user input has been VERY valuable and we have studied it all very closely. The changes based on user feedback are even occurring while I type this, and I will be heading down the hall to provide assistance in these matters as soon as I’m done writing this. 🙂 I have been testing the new changes and balancing myself and I am very happy with the way things are progressing.

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