Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Eurogamer Germany interviews lead game designer Brent Knowles on Dragon Age: Origins. The interview is in German, but here’s the last two questions translated:

Eurogamer: Which changes have you made to the technical controls for the console version? Will you control the characters directly or will this be given over to the AI?

Brent Knowles: We want to offer the same expansive group features to the console as we do to the PC, because the title will be a very classical, Western RPG. My first experiences with the console prototype show that we still have to make a few interface adjustments, but the fundamental functions remain. I play the current PC build with an Xbox controller now and then and already it is quite a bit of fun. Dragon Age will not be a typical console-RPG, but it will qualitatively be on the same level as the PC version. (…)

Eurogamer: Speaking of consoles: why is there actually no Nintendo DS variant of Mass Effect and Dragon Age after the Sonic RPG.

Brent Knowles: Naturally, this is only a business decision. In view of the DS density with BioWare this idea is not completely wrong, to me. I can imagine working on such a concept, but I’m not sure that Dragon Age is suitable for that. But we will certainly do more with the DS in the future.

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