Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Crispy Gamer has cranked out a massive six-page interview with Dragon Age: Origins lead writer David Gaider. Topics include the game’s backstory, the number of gameplay hours we can expect, whether or not enemies will scale to your level, and more.

Crispy Gamer: Can you talk about the origin stories?

Gaider: Not yet. I will say that people have looked at Mass Effect and seen how you can mark an origin story down. It affected the game, it came into play. The Dragon Age origin stories have entire chapters devoted to them. It also determines where I start. If I’m a poor person from the human city and I grew up in the ghetto — if I go back to that area, I’ll meet people who will remember me and I’ll get an experience unique to my character because that’s where I’m from.

If you’re a dwarf and you come from where the dwarves live, and you go back, you’ll get unique dialogue and they’ll know you. The important thing isn’t how many choices you give. You can give a million choices. The important thing is that those choices are recognized during play. Like, if you have an origin story that makes you a noble — if someone knows your noble, they’ll treat you differently. Or if you’re a race that is looked down on, people can sometimes behave differently towards you, even in a racist manner.

Players like feeling that the experience is more tailored to them and that they’re not just getting some cookie-cutter story. With origin stories, I’m hoping that someone plays as a dwarf and says, “This really feels like it’s made for a dwarf. What happens if I play as an elf?” It’ll feel the same way for the elf. That’s the idea.

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