Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Despite their lukewarm E3 preview of the game, Eurogamer was given the chance to conduct an interview with Dragon Age: Origins executive producer Dan Tudge.

Eurogamer: What sort of level cap and overall length can we expect from Dragon Age: Origins?

Dan Tudge: Like we said before, this is very much an experience for our core users, and really it’s not going to be a short, little game. We don’t have an exact length, but this is something that has been built for core fantasy RPG gamers, so we’re going to give them a lengthy experience.

Eurogamer: How deep will the relationships between characters in Dragon Age: Origins go?

Dan Tudge: The relationship within your party is something that I think was a key pillar in the Baldur’s Gate series, and is something we’ve definitely taken to heart in Dragon Age: Origins. A large chunk of our story is dedicated to the interplay between the characters in your party; that will be a very big component. Dragon Age: Origins is also the biggest story we’ve ever created.

If DA even nears the greatness that is Baldur’s Gate, I’ll be a very happy gamer.

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