Dragon Age: Origins Interview

Das Gamer interviews Greg Zeschuk about Dragon Age: Origins.

Can you talk about the choices a player can make to be a good guy or a bad guy in this universe?

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: We do talk about the hero, martyr, and tyrant concept, but it’s almost not as black and white as that. We’re almost taking it, in a sense, to the extremes. On the one extreme, you have the very heroic type, and the other end, there’s the tyrant who has this brutal efficiency of getting things done. We aren’t talking about that too much right now, besides the fact that the decisions you make are epic in their scope. I think it takes us back to the concept that sometimes you’re doing things that require groups of people either to live or die. It’s a very impactful thing, especially when you couple it with that sense of realism in the world.

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