Dragon Age: Origins GC Preview

Play.tm was able to take a behind-closed-doors look at Dragon Age: Origins during this year’s GC Leipzig.

Beyond character and story specific choices, ambiguous moral decisions will also have to be faced – will you do the right thing but potentially miss out on something key to your central quest? Or will you do the wrong thing to get what you need, regardless of how other people in the game regard you? One such decision was faced when dealing with a captive prisoner in a town being defended by the Grey Wardens from the Blight. Kill the hapless chap and you might get a useful key, feed him and you’ve made an ally, but at the expense of a useful item. As BioWare point out, this is a simplistic example, but later on in the game the choices will be more complex; the morality cloudy. The first two to three hours will be unique, and based entirely on your character and their actions, we’re reliably informed.

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