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David Gaider responds to the criticism levelled at the E3 showing of Dragon Age: Origins, in particular the RPS preview, on RPGWatch.

It should also be pointed out that Leliana isn’t reacting to the fact that you slept with Morrigan. She doesn’t, in fact, even know that’s what you did. She’s responding to the fact that your romance with Morrigan has reached a point where she objects. It sounds like the writer of the article expected her to be more angry, and perhaps that’s where the comments on the acting comes from, I don’t know. It’s too bad — Leliana is, in my opinion, one of the better voices of the game. Perhaps the French accent threw him off? I’m not sure. Chances are he wasn’t inclined to be charitable by that point.

Even so, I can’t really blame some of the perceptions of these events if this is the order in which they were shown. Personally showing the latter part of a romance plot isn’t likely to be of much interest to anyone who hasn’t bought into it already and been through all the lead up. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way, the romances are pretty complex and it’s a mistake to write them off as superficial — for the people who like romance plots, they’ll be in for a treat.

And it seems like we have a task ahead of us showing that this is so. I hope we can. I still believe this is a game worth the time of the RPG fan, very much so.

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