Divine Divinity Review

WorthPlaying has dished up a favorable review of Divine Divinity, giving the RPG an overall score of 8.3/10. Check it out:

Divine Divinity has its share of stumbles that mirrors other recent RPGs. It falls back on the same clichés within its story and doesn’t offer an online cooperative play that would add to the shelf-life immensely. But it does break with tradition on many small levels and tries to shake things up just a little. DD offers 96 skill levels, 6 classes, 150 NPCs, 100 monster types, simple controls, a competent journal, reactive AI and a well-told story. Not bad for a small development house eh? For those of you who have been on the fence about Diablo-type games for the last few years I really recommend you pick this one up. It’s already selling for a song at your local store. Not only will you be supporting a company that truly understands great games, you’ll also be introducing yourself to the hack and slash crowd. C’mon in – the blood soaked water’s fine.

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