Disco Elysium – Introducing Collage Mode

Prominent video games these days frequently have Photo Modes that let you take fancy screenshots and enhance them with various filters. And according to this Steam announcement, Disco Elysium’s latest update takes this idea one step further by introducing the so-called Collage Mode. By utilizing it, you’ll be able to manually assemble the perfect scene before taking that screenshot you covet for whatever reason.

Here’s a trailer that shows the Collage Mode in action:

And some additional details:

Today, we’ve rolled out Collage Mode: a new functionality that gives players the creative freedom to stage just about anything in-game.

Collage Mode grants you full access to characters, environments and props from the game, along with filters and frames to complete your Disco masterpiece.

Take over the narrative reins with the custom dialogue option in Collage Mode, which allows you to weave whatever story your heart desires.

Fabricate completely new dramas from unforgivable punch-ups to fruity yet forbidden kisses. Corroborate your fan fiction with screenshots directly from the game.

The possibilities of Collage Mode are vast and the silliness knows no bounds.


Place, rotate, and resize your favourite characters across the game’s painterly environments and then pick from a range of silly and sensible poses to strike.


Create a whole story with a single image by entering custom text that can be placed anywhere and even make it look authentic by using the FELD dialogue reel.


Bring out your inner Art Cop by applying weird and wonderful filters; choosing from rain, fog, and snow; as well as changing the time of day to capture the exact mood you’re after.


Put gloves and guns in unsuspecting hands with a huge collection of items and clothing stickers or add extra style with new and extraordinary art from our talented collaborators.


Finish up by choosing a frame to wrap up your fantasy with audacious themes such as Kim Catsuragi, F**k The World, Visual Calculus, and Building Communism.


Hunt for never-before-seen scenes from across Martinaise history if you’ve got a keen enough eye for it and enjoy a velvety new voiceover from the game’s narrator.

Be sure to tag Disco Elysium on Twitter when sharing Collage Mode screenshots so we can marvel at your creations.

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