Disciples: Liberation – Update 1.2 Live, Paths to Madness DLC Sneak Peek

In order to prepare Disciples: Liberation for the upcoming Paths to Madness DLC, Frima Studio and Kalypso Media have put together a new update for the base game. Aside from fixing a great deal of bugs, this update rebalances some of the game’s spells and magic-related skills. It also introduces a decent number of quality of life improvements.

You can find the complete patch notes below, but first, you might want to check out this Steam announcement featuring some concept art that acts as a sneak peek for some of the new stuff.

And here are the patch notes:


Disciples: Liberation has received the major update 1.2 on Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Just in time before the Paths to Madness open in Disciples: Liberation with the DLCs’ launch on March 24th, the world of Nevendaar received some significant improvements, some rebalancing, and a lot of bug fixes.

Update 1.2 adds several improvements, like the option to dismiss a selected spell/ability with a right mouse click. When hovering over a unit, the equipped shard and weapon are now displayed in the tooltip. Additionally, several magic abilities for Avyanna have been rebalanced for a better campaign experience.

Update 1.2 also addresses an issue where the journal was empty after finishing the prologue quest and an issue with a feral elf warrior in the backline that could lead to softlock. Check out the full change log below and discover a lot more changes and details.

Thank you very much for all your support and your constructive feedback which helps us improve the game.

Enjoy your time in Nevendaar,
Your Kalypso and FRIMA Team


  • Added a death symbol to the attack preview in combat to show that the attack will kill the target.
  • It is now possible to dismiss a selected spell/ability with right-clicking on the mouse.
  • Added a setting to skip the Backline aura visual effects and animations (except for abilities triggered once-per-round).
  • Added the base power rating (value is before other modifiers) to ability tooltips for damage-dealing and healing abilities in combat.
  • Improved the behavior of enemy ranged units that now act more aggressively and less passively.
  • Improved the preview visuals in boss fights. The pre-fight screens of all boss fights now show portraits of the upcoming boss.
  • When hovering over a unit icon, the equipped emotion shard and weapon is now also displayed in the unit tooltip.
  • Encounter tooltips now show which units are in the backline.
  • Taunted units now show a “taunted” popup label when they activate.
  • Recruitment menu now shows all units for that building, with a displayed requirement for inaccessible units.
  • When recruiting new units from faction buildings, the maximum possible level is now automatically selected.
  • Training units now auto-selects the first available unit when opening the menu.
  • Training units now defaults to max level (instead of unit level + 1).
  • The recruitment/training level selector interface now wraps.
  • Adjusted the level of the combat encounters in the Nexus.
  • Added additional tooltips for lingering mana shard battleground effects.
  • Invisible units are no longer affected by the “Grasp of Abyss” battle modifier.
  • Added additional control information when using a controller in the system control menu.
  • Switching between faction buildings with a controller is now more intuitive to control with the bumpers on gamepads to switch between faction buildings in town.
  • The correct image of the connected controller is now displayed in the control settings.
  • The left thumbstick can now be pressed on gamepads to inspect the hovered unit in combat.
  • The “Reset Default” button is now disabled when no default settings were changed or updated.
  • Added Korean language support.

Extensive Rebalancing of Ayanna’s spells and the magic skill tree:

  • Overall damage of spells has been reduced.
  • Rebalancing of the skills in the magic skill tree branch:
    • “Mana Refund”: Reduced the regained mana effect from 25% to 10%.
    • “Spell Penetration”: Reduced the effect from 5% to 3%.
    • “Bursting Magic”: Deals 3% additional damage, with no increase to the damage value per units the more units are hit.
    • “Arcane Surge”: Reduced the cost reduction from 50% to 25%.
    • “Overpowered”: Spells require now 15% mana instead of 10% mana to make the damage and healing from spells 10% more powerful.
    • “Spell Snipe”: Reduced the effect from 5% to 3%.

Quest related Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the quest journal was empty after finishing the prologue quest.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple dialogue choices could be highlighted at the same time.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing the “We fight!” option in the dialogue with Jittag did not start the according combat.
  • Fixed an issue in the Tomb of Tuchalkan where a combat preview screen showed the wrong units for its encounter.
  • Added a missing quest marker icon to Walkelin inside Castle Hale.
  • Added a missing quest marker a wereleopard in the “Sons of Melendrach” quest.
  • Added a missing quest marker to Eudes in the “Death and Taxes” quest.


  • Fixed an issue where quickly opening the journal or map after picking up a quest could lead to a softlock.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lesser Devil being present in the backline could cause the game to softlock during combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the Feral Elf Warrior being present in the backline could cause a softlock at the beginning of combat.
  • Fixed an issue where Avyanna would be the only unit available after following specific steps while escorting the Emperor. Save files with this bug present are now fixed and can now see and allocate ally units to combat as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Conquer” feature made the game unresponsive for a few seconds while automatically saving.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to open the graveyard if all units selected the wait option during their turn in combat.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Polar Ray” or “Ray of Frost” ability could lead to the game closing randomly.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to use the map after the prologue and before learning how to travel to other regions. The map button will now be available after talking to Orion in Yllian.
  • Fixed an issue in combat where it was not possible to pan the camera after changing to tactical view.
  • Fixed an issue when adjusting the current squad where it was possible for units to turn into other units or disappear if you repeatedly switched them back and forth very quickly.
  • Fixed an issue in the Plane of Slights where it was possible to clip through the godly corruption after quickly and repeatedly clicking on certain spots.
  • Fixed an issue where units could ignite themself when taking poison damage and having the Shard of Vengeance equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where using the “Detonate” ability of the Sorceress on a burning and blinded unit could have the following explosion miss surrounding units, due to adopting the “Blinded” status to the explosion.
  • Fixed an issue where quickly pressing the Esc button after selecting the character menu could lead to visual issues in the world view.
  • Fixed an issue in the Nexus dungeon where Avyanna would be teleported to the beginning of the dungeon when colliding with a locked door.
  • Fixed an issue where after disabling “Show Condition Hints” in the system menu under gameplay, some units were still displaying condition hints in combat.
  • Fixed a visual issue where damage taken was permanently displayed in white on the enemy health bar.
  • The item conditions of the “High Boots of Timestop” are now granted correctly when equipped by Avyanna.
  • The Archmage and Sebastien’s passive ability “Arcane Overflow” now target Galeans’s Beast correctly.
  • Fixed a pathing issue in the region of Veranto’or which occurred when moving through a portal gateway.
  • Fixed a minor pathfinding issue in the Tomb of Wills dungeon.
  • Fixed a visual issue in the defeat screen where a special effect was unintentionally visible.
  • Fixed a visual issue where after killing a Warlock, some of the Warlock’s items or artifacts could still be visible in the place where he was killed.
  • Fixed clipping issues with the “Elven Robes” and “Dark Elven Robes” attire.
  • Fixed several localization issues in all available languages.

Multiplayer Bugfixes

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue when building an army where the units’ tooltip did not disappear after the reset option was selected.
  • Fixed a multiplayer issue where the mouse was not visible while being on the “VS” loading screen.

Console Bugfixes

  • Fixed a multiplayer issue on console where it was not possible to inspect the graveyard or open the options menu during the opponents turn.
  • Fixed an issue on Xbox consoles where the Y button was functioning as the A button when talking to a companion in Yllian’s castle.
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