Disciples III: Renaissance Tier 3 Female Hero

Akella has posted another Disciples III: Renaissance character profile, this time featuring tier 3 set art and six screenshots for a female hero.

Shell of Resistance, an excellent armor, and one an ordinary empire soldier can only dream of. It is hardened in the Magic fire and can deter any attack caused by non magic weapons.

Senior officers preferred the calm lighter shoulder straps and found the heavy forged shoulder straps to be a major inconvenience. Shoulder Straps of Calm are called so because of their wizardry. They provide a superstitious durability to the straps, which give their owner a calm and confidence which prevents them from being penetrated by any weapon.

Boots of Anger, charmed by the flame of the red dragon are not only incredibly strong and lightweight, but they increase the strength of their owner many times owner.

If a warrior relies on the strength of his armor, rather than on his own agility and accuracy, than it is worth it for him to choose gloves that can provide his hands with total protection. (Gloves of Total Protection) The name speaks for itself, the heavy steel gloves that provide excellent protection for their owners hands. However, they can restrict the mobility of the warriors hands.

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