Disciples III: Renaissance Preview

The editors at Games32 were able to score an alpha version of Disciples III: Renaissance and have kicked up a short preview based on their experience with the game.

…the third version in the series is much closer in playstyle and feel to Heroes V. This is happening especially because of the new 3D combat system. Some rules kept from the old games and unit spells, attacks and abilities make a big difference however. You almost feel the pain when your mage casts a lightning bolt right at your enemies, and you almost feel an angel’s blessing when your units get healed.

Lambert is the hero of the Empire campaign, and he will lead your forces into victory. The Elves and Legions of the Damned are present as well, but a fourth race is being introduced. Nobody knows what it is yes, and though I pray that it might be the Undead, I fear they may only be introduced in a future expansion pack.

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