Diablo v1.10 Patch Released!

Blizzard has officially released the v1.10 patch for Diablo II, which introduces seasonal ladder characters, enhanced skills, new items, and more. Here’s a rip from Blizzard’s official website:

Yes, you’re reading correctly, the day has finally come for the Diablo II 1.10 patch! This patch is our largest to date in terms of game changes and offers many new things for Diablo II players, including seasonal ladder characters, more-challenging gameplay, enhanced skills, new items, new anti-cheat measures, a new game-world event, and much much more! This would not have been possible without the support of a great gaming community and the dedication and hard work of some very talented people. We would like to thank you for helping us beta test the 1.10 patch and for your patience while this patch was completed. Big thanks also to the (Hell Day Testers,) fan sites, and forums for all the great feedback. We hope you enjoy this special upgrade to Diablo II.

Simply connect to Battle.net to download the patch. We will post the standalone version on our FTP site as soon as it’s available.

Players of Hardcore characters in Hell difficulty games should note that a new, extremely challenging world-event has been added in Diablo II version 1.10. If you value your Hardcore character’s life, be even more cautious when encountering Superunique monsters, and be prepared to execute a hasty Save and Exit if your situation seems too dangerous.

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