Diablo: Immortal – Heroes of Unification Update Available

Blizzard Entertainment’s latest content update for their mobile-focused action-RPG Diablo: Immortal kicks off a new season of the Battle Pass with a fresh set of challenges and rewards, brings us two limited-time events, and introduces some assorted feature updates primarily aimed at the game’s multiplayer and PvP content.

Here’s more on the latter, and you take it from there:

Battleground Queue Cancelation Penalty

When a player has been chosen for a Battleground match and repeatedly cancels at the Match Found screen, they will receive the following warning:

  • Due to frequent cancelations, if you cancel again, you will be unable to participate in Battleground for 5 minutes. Do you still want to cancel?

Developer’s Note: To address player feedback noting that their Battleground experience is often ruined by queue dodgers and players actively attempting to troll others by continuously canceling at the Match Found screen, we have instituted the 5-minute penalty as a preventative measure. We will continue to monitor Battleground in all aspects and make further changes that help to improve the experience for all players.

Battleground Matchmaking Optimization

Battleground matchmaking has been further optimized to create evenly matched teams more consistently.

Developer’s Note: As we continue to identify ways to improve the Battleground experience, we focused this update around improving match finding. With the addition of queue dodging penalties and better matchmaking, we believe that players should experience higher quality Battleground matches going forward. We will, of course, continue to review and pursue future changes that help to improve Battleground as well.

Paragon Updates

The 7-day cooldown to reset all Paragon Point allocations has been removed. Additionally, all Paragon selections can now be saved as part of a loadout in the Armory.

Developer’s Note: Initially, we believed how often a player could fully reset their Paragon point allocations needed a time gate to balance it, hence the inclusion of the 7-day cooldown. After analyzing player behavior, and given our desire to equip players with increased flexibility in how they play their character, we concluded that letting players reallocate their points at will proves to be more fun while still retaining balance.

Accursed Towers

If a Clan owns 2 towers and attempts to challenge a third tower, they must choose one of their current towers to give up if they win ownership of the third tower via a PvP match. If the challenging Clan loses the PvP match, they will retain their original 2 towers.

Leaving Clan Cooldown

If a player leaves a Clan, they:

  • Will be unable to participate in Accursed Towers PvP matches, Challenge of the Immortal, Rite of Exile, and Shadow War for the remainder of that activity’s weekly cycle.
  • Can still receive their personal rewards from participating in Accursed Towers PvE matches with their new Clan but will not contribute to that Clan’s Cursed Shard total.
  • Cannot be appointed as a Clan Leader for the remainder of the current week’s cycle.

These changes will not apply to players who swap Clans before this change goes into effect.

Purification Shards

  • The daily amount of Purification Shards received from the Rewards Chest has been increased.
  • Purification Shards have been added to the Hilts Vendor’s inventory.

Reforge Stones

Hydras summoned by the Wildfire Set have increased target detection.

Empowered and Collector’s Battle Pass Rewards Increase

The rewards received from the Empowered Battle Pass are changing to provide players with increased earnings and choice. We’ve adjusted what’s provided for several Battle Pass Ranks.

  • Ranks 5 and 35 will now reward 3 Normal Gems each.
  • The Seled’s Awakening One-Star Legendary Gem has been removed from Ranks 5, 20, and 35, and has been replaced by a Fervent Fang Two-Star Legendary Gem at Rank 20.

Owners of the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass will now begin to earn Battle Archive Coins as they rank up each season. 100 Coins can be earned at Ranks 1, 10, 20, 30, and 40—these can be exchanged for Legendary Gems, Armor Cosmetics, Portal Cosmetics, and more from previous Battle Pass Seasons in the new Battle Archive Shop. After Rank 40 is reached and the Season Cosmetic has been claimed, players will have the opportunity to use Battle Archive Coins to purchase the Season Cosmetic for other Classes.

The items in the Battle Archive Shop will rotate each season, so be sure to check back often. Battle Archive Tokens do not expire and can be exchanged during any Battle Pass Season. Players can upgrade from the Empowered Battle Pass to the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass at any time. If they do, any newly unlocked Rank rewards from the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass will be automatically rewarded to the player.

Upon purchase of the Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass, all characters on a player’s account in the same server will receive a Portrait Frame, Portal Cosmetic and 10 Battle Pass Ranks for that respective Battle Pass.

Activity Calendar and Scheduler

We are introducing another round of quality-of-life improvements that will make using the Activities Calendar and Scheduler more convenient.

  • Player-made activities will be automatically removed from the Activity Calendar 2 hours after they have begun.
  • The organizer of Custom Player Activities is more readily displayed in the Activity Details menu.
  • Activities listed in the Today section of the Activity Calendar now have a reward preview.

Barbarian Dauntless Temper Pants

The screen shake associated with using this Legendary Item has been greatly reduced to alleviate discomfort and nausea that some players were experiencing because of the original visual effects.

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