Diablo III to Get Rise of the Necromancer Pack and Diablo Remake

Blizzard’s BlizzCon event was the perfect stage for the Californian developers to make a couple of very juicy announcements regarding Diablo III. The title is apparently going to get a DLC pack called Rise of the Necromancer in 2017. As the announcement has literally just been made (the FAQ isn’t even live yet), we only have the YouTube trailer to go with it:

In other words, yes, the leaks from a couple of days ago were true. But that’s not all.

While there’s no official announcement online yet, the developers announced on stage that the 20th anniversary patch for the game will include a Diablo remake (thanks Kotaku for the article). The patch will go live next week in its PTR version, so it won’t take long to see exactly how the original game looks with the new engine, mechanics and art. Personally, I was expecting a Diablo II remake or remaster, but this is pretty interesting news nonetheless.

That seems to be all the Diablo-related news available from BlizzCon, so those of you who were expecting a Diablo IV announcement might leave a little disappointed.

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