Diablo III Preview

Yet another BlizzCon-based preview of Diablo III has surfaced, and this time it’s over at Ten Ton Hammer.

Upon setting my virtual feet onto the stony path of the demo village, I paused to get a feel for the world around me. Apparently, the Diablo III developers had opted to place my character at the very entrance to a village that had been overwhelmed by an army of particularly nasty undead creatures. Even though no action was taking place on screen, I could already feel the atmospheric immersion that the Blizzard developers had lightly discussed in many of their panels.

Although many Diablo fans have uttered their frustration with the “super rainbow fun time” graphics that they saw in the initial unveiling, I could immediately feel a dark, foreboding dread as I stood outside the gates of the village. Those individuals who believed that Diablo III wouldn’t be a dark and sinister game are absolutely wrong. As I explored the village, there was moment after moment that I encountered that pointed to the absolute depth of the depravity you’ll find in the world of Sanctuary.

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