Diablo III Interview

The guys over at IncGamers bring us a new interview with Diablo III community manager Bashiok.

Bashiok stated, with some amusement, that the controversial art style of the next Diablo game wasn’t Diablo 3going to change. Blizzard is actually very happy with the new, brighter art style of Diablo III.
(It’s not changing at all,) he said definitively.
When asked about concerns among fanboys that DIII wouldn’t be as grim as DI and DII, he indicated that the game was still very dark and grim in its overall feel.
(The tone is a lot darker. There are more grotesque creatures, and insane blood splatter.)

On character customisation at creation: (That’s undecided right now. We’re leaning toward handling it like with did with the prior Diablos, but might add some customization at some point. Really, though, we’re leaning towards characters becoming individualized with their gear and talent specs.)

What about infinitely upgradeable epic weapons? Hellgate did something similar, and LOTRO is adding it in the Mines of Moria expansion. Will DIII do something similar?
(No. There will be loot drops you can customise, like in the prior versions. But you’ll still be hunting for better gear throughout the game.)

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