Diablo III Art Design Interview

Kotaku continues the discussion about Diablo III’s controversial art design by posting their own interview with lead designer Jay Wilson.

Actually, Wilson said the team originally shot for a “very desaturated, very dark” gameworld. “We had all kinds of problems with identification of units… combat wasn’t very good, and the worlds got homogeneous very quickly. As we played through it, we didn’t like it, or think it was very much fun.”

Diablo II, said Wilson, was actually “very saturated, very bright.”

What about the complaint, then, that Diablo III may be “too much like WoW” in style and vibe?

“There’s a philosophy that goes across all of our games, and that philosophy stays true from game to game… so it probably draws some comparisons,” Wilson said. “One philosophy is that our artists feel like if they’re just using photorealism, not creating a unique look for the game, not stylizing so that it’s uniquely Blizzard, then they’re not doing their jobs.”

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