Diablo I and II Nostalgic Articles

The guys at Co-Optimus and Hellforge have both penned new articles about Blizzard’s original Diablo titles. The article at Co-Optimus focuses on the cooperative gameplay in Diablo II:

When I reinstalled and played through Diablo 2 again with some friends, I chose my favorite class: the Sorceress. Ever since the first Diablo, the spell slingers have been my class of choice. At the time Diablo 2 came out, I was in the thick of my EverQuest playing days. As a bard in EverQuest, I knew the importance of crowd control, and the sorceress looked to be the best class for this. Freezing enemies to slow them down, or even stop them in their tracks, would be invaluable in any co-op Diablo 2 party. So, it was no surprise when, when my friends all got together to play it for the first time, I picked the ice cold hottie.

At different points, I played several builds of the sorceress, but I never really got over my love for the Cold talent tree. The effectiveness of skills like Glacial Spike against hordes of enemies was just too much for me to pass up. However, the Sorceress has a real glass jaw, and thus, a good partner or two is sorely needed, or you’ll be running to town way too often.

While the article at Hellforge takes a nostalgic look back at the town of Tristram:

It was over ten years ago when I made my first step into Tristram. Having played Crusader: No Remorse to death, I was itching for something new. Apart from Crusader and Ultima VII, there weren’t many other isometric games out there. I bought Diablo on an impulse and the rest is history.

Tristram was my first impression of Diablo and of its world, Sanctuary. Clearly, it’s left a lasting impression on not just me, but on everyone who ever played the original game. The “Tristram theme”, played prior to the official announcement of Diablo III at the Blizzard Worldwide Initiative was a reminder to everyone of the world we first visited over a decade ago.

It would appear that based on this screenshot and an entry for New Tristram on the official website, we will be making a return to the hallowed ground of our gaming adolescence. Needless to say, I am very enthusiastic to set foot back into the world of Sanctuary with a return to Tristram in its new aspect.

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