Deus Ex: Invisible War Reviews

Yet another pair of reviews have surfaced for Ion Storm’s futuristic RPG sequel. The first is over at XboxAxis with an overall score of 8.5/10:

Invisible War is a great role-playing game in that it immerses you into the game-world instantly. Every mission isn’t straightforward and offers you multiple options to achieve. However, by the time you near the end, you’ll make hard decisions that will set you on a certain path. The items and accessories are interestingly varied and useful (we particularly liked the Spider Bombs because they turn into spiders that attack nearby objects), while the A.I. in the game is quite good (we particularly find the mechanical spiders very, very irritating).

While it isn’t the best role-playing title for the Xbox so far (Knights of the Old Republic gets the title), it is however, very close to being the one. Deus Ex has a style that makes it a ‘˜timeless’ game. It is a game, which you buy, play it once, keep it in your closet and then replay it again a year or two later. It’s just a ‘˜timeless’ title for the Xbox and it shows its game designer, Warren Spector, at his best again.

And the second has shown up at GamePyre with an overall score of 81/100:

Overall, Deus Ex 2 The Invisible War was an impressive title, with graphics to rival the best of them, an audio engine that made you jump as you heard the enemies crawl up behind you, and a compelling storyline that was addictive, however unfortunately short. This title essentially represents the ideal use of new technologies, implemented through the new havoc engine, plus the implementation of the classic Deus Ex feel, augmented by a few new revolutionary ideas.

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