Deus Ex: Invisible War Review

Gamers With Jobs has posted a review of Deus Ex: Invisible War, with some positive elements but a mediocre conclusion:

So, can I recommend this game? If you liked the first game, then I suggest giving this game a shot, as it is a decent follow-on to the original. If you hated the demo, then I wouldn’t bother with this o­ne; you’ll just see more of the same problems you had before. If you’re sitting o­n the fence about this for the PC, or unsure if it’ll work o­n your rig, go out and grab it o­n the X-Box since it’s essentially the same game. It is a product that has its share of problems and won’t be regarded as highly as its original in the annals of gamingdom, but it is still better than most games out there right now. o­ne thing’s for sure: it needs a sequel. As for me, I’m going back and playing through again, just to see what I can find or do. I’m wondering how much changes if I do everything the opposite of before. What impact will it have o­n how things lead up to the end?

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