Deus Ex: Invisible War Review Round-Up

Reviews of Ion Storm’s Deus Ex: Invisible War are popping up all over the ‘net, so we grouped a handful together for your reading pleasure. The first is at ActionTrip with a 85/100:

From a PC gamer’s standpoint, it’s clear that Invisible War still has room for improvement – mostly in the technical department. It’s hampered with a number of issues that originally wouldn’t have existed if only the game was designed with the PC in mind. But even as it is, Deus Ex: Invisible War is an intelligent, mature and engrossing project that deserves the attention of every self-respecting shooter/adventure game fan out there. I would be a total hypocrite if I didn’t award it for its strong points that I hold in such high regard.

The second is at GamePro with a 5/5:

Y’know what? Just go get this game. It’s a great game that takes some patience and some brains, but there’s just so much payoff in actually solving a level by yourself, without having to figure out what the designers wanted you to do to get through. You’ll feel like it’s your story, not Ion Storm’s.

And the final review is at 1Up with a 7/10:

Interface and basic character development are the first indications that things aren’t as they once were. It’s really not the next step above Deus Ex. In fact, I see more of a slimmed down, technologically updated and in some ways backward version of DX. Much of what fans of the original loved has been cut. “Man that’s cool, I hope they expand it.” If you said that while playing DX, chances are you’ll be disappointed. It starts with the interface.

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