Deus Ex Interview has conducted an interview with Ion Storm’s Warren Spector, asking a large batch of questions about both Deus Ex games, possible multiplayer functionality in the future, and more. Check it out:

Q: Is Deus Ex going to remain a strictly single-player experience, or are you going to branch out into the online side of things?

A: Firstly, I hope that there is always a single-player Deus Ex. I can certainly see there being a multiplayer game set in the Deus Ex universe with a lot of the Deus Ex gameplay philosophy underneath it. Deus Ex was largely inspired by Junction Point, a game design that I did with some other people at Looking Glass which never got made – it was an online-only massively multiplayer game.

And so, I know that a lot of the stuff we do in Deus Ex would work in a multiplayer context. It wouldn’t surprise me to see a multiplayer Deus Ex game, but there’d better always be a single-player version – because that’s where you’re really going to get the meat of the storytelling, with players collaborating with developers to tell a cool story.

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