Desslock’s RPG News Editorial

GameSpot’s Desslock has written another RPG News Editorial, this time with the title of “Superseded Gold”. It gives a rundown of different gaming engines and how they could never compare to the longevity that the SSI “Gold Box” games were capable of. Here’s a small taste of the article:

    Over a period of six years, SSI released nine successive Advanced Dungeons & Dragons games using substantially the same engine. Nicknamed the “gold box” series because of the color of each game’s packaging, RPG fans still widely praise the series even though the last game was produced in the early 1990s.

    The series certainly proved to be commercially golden for SSI, as AD&D fans kept nabbing the games off retail shelves almost as quickly as SSI could mass-produce them. It’s therefore hardly surprising that several RPG creators have since vowed to create “the next” gold box series. After all, what company wouldn’t want to defer the sizeable cost of creating a new engine and constantly release profitable games using the same, proven technology?

    But it’ll never happen again.

Read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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