DemonsAreCrazy Demonic MOBA Launches on Steam

There’s a new MOBA about. Developed by BigBug Studio, DemonsAreCrazy mixes together a variety of demons and genre playstyles, and gives you the one task of being the most violent and destructive you can be. Your prize, well to rule over Hell itself.

So Satan’s ruled over Hell for Eons, right. Well one day he steps out and doesn’t return. Nobody knows where he is. So, immediately considering him dead, Lord Judge (Hells second in command) decided that in order to find their next Lord of Evil, they are to hold an election. However, rather than simply giving every inhabitant and demon a ballot paper the decree that whoever commits the most violent and destructive acts wins. IN short, only the biggest and baddest demon will rise through the ranks, win the day and rule over hell.

DemonsAreCrazy is a MOBA that gives a number of different demons each with their own style and look, and breaks them down into four different genre playstyles. These styles dictate how your demon is to attack in the many arenas.

  • FPS Demons fire projectiles towards the centre of the screen
  • Third-person Shooter demons attack in the direction of the targeting cursor
  • Hack ‘n’ Slash demons get up close and swing violently at their enemies
  • MMO demons, can target specific locations and areas highlighted by the cursor

These genres also depict the view of the screen the player has accordingly.

Once you have your hero, you can tweak and change their powers as you see fit. Build up their range abilities for long range damage, or if you prefer something a little more up-close and personnel, then you should buff their armour, and melee damage.

Key Features

  • Colourful and detailed depiction of Hell
  • Play through an intense and action packed MOBA with First person Shooter, hack ‘n’ Slash and MMO style gameplay
  • Build up your party with over 18 playable Starter Demons, each with their own customizable skills and gear
  • Multiple game modes to have a go at, including the Seven Sins PvP Arena, PvE Events and Boss Hunting Campaigns
  • A myriad of other things to do including side quests, auctions, and Boss hunts.

DemonsAreCrazy has now exited Steam Early Access and is ready to download for free and play, though it does include in-game purchases and downloadable content. Check out the official Steam page here.

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Jim Franklin
Jim Franklin

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