Demigod Q&A and Trailer

In addition to a Demigod Q&A with Stardock’s Brad Wardell and Gas Powered Games’ Chris Taylor, GameSpot has posted the first official trailer from the RTS/RPG hybrid. An excerpt from the Q&A:

GS: It seems easy to conclude that Demigod may just be the result of Gas Powered Games’ previous game history of creating real-time strategy games in Supreme Commander and role-playing games in Dungeon Siege, but why go the route of a role-playing and strategy hybrid game?

BW: What’s so compelling about Demigod is that while it is ultimately a strategy game, it takes some of the most enjoyable pieces from RPGs that in hindsight, the blending seems obvious. That is, one almost wants to say, “Well of course my primary unit (the demigod) should be leveling up and becoming more powerful over the course of a given game.” And while players can certainly play online skirmishes in which all players start out on a level playing field, we also wanted to give them the option of being able to bring in their demigod that they’ve built up through the games. This has become quite popular in games like Battlefield 2 where people gain access to ever-increasing capabilities through their experiences.

CT: First of all, we wanted to create something new, but we also wanted an experience that felt familiar. That’s a very interesting balance to strike. We definitely have a lot of in-house expertise with both the RPG and RTS genres, so bringing them together into one experience made a lot of sense for us.

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