DC Universe Online E3 Preview and Video Interview

MMORPG.com has turned their attention to SOE’s DC Universe Online by providing us with a preview and a video interview they conducted with creative director Jens Andersen during E3. A snip from the article:

In the final encounter, the Green Lantern was on hand to try and take the villains down. These iconic characters can be defeated, but obviously never truly killed. Senior Producer Wes Yanagi mentioned that in true comic book fashion, that while the player may have to defeat Superman in a mission, there is usually some extenuating circumstances, such as a case of Kryptonite in the room. For example, when a player takes down Doomsday, he doesn’t just fall over dead. Instead, he is knocked out and they have to bind him and ship him off before he wakes back up.

Once victorious, they showed off a couple new systems. The player achieved a (Headline,) which popped up in old newspaper style to taut the achievement. They also got encounter loot.

In super-hero games, people spend a lot of time on the look and feel of their characters. SOE wants to preserve that hard work, but they also want loot and items to be an important element of the game.

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