Sim Brother Experiment Day 2: The Skinny Dipping Angel

Looks like the rhythm finally caught up with Chase.. at 4am

Margaret and Chase were the first to wake. The high quality of the beds meant that they’d had enough sleep by 4am. Margaret walked over to the computers, logged on and started chatting to someone; probably an insomniac at that time in the morning. Chase showed little respect to the other house-guests as she turned on the stereo and started dancing. She has a lot of energy for someone up so early. The remaining sleepers were not disturbed by the loud music and they all sleep soundly, until they woke naturally and began their day.

Diane remembered that she had left the washing out all night, so went to get that. Eddie went to watch TV in his underwear, and Barbara started cleaning the lot including making all the beds. Lucifer waited to scare Chase, but she was having too much fun dancing she paid no attention to him so he waited for the right moment to strike.

“…now how did those purple elephants look?”

Obsidian woke up and felt the need to paint the dreams he had last night, and went to the Creative room.

Lucifer who had waited near Chase for around an hour, got bored and looked for another target: Margaret. He insulted the fact she was a bookworm, and when Margaret tried to talk to him about books, he just wasn’t listening. One more insult and it was too much for Margaret, who sought solace within the pages of a book once more. Not sensing (or caring) when someone had already had enough, Lucifer went to scare Margaret again, but she was so immersed within the book she paid him no attention, leaving him waiting there.

“Harry Potter’s rubbish…!”

Chet’s attempt at impressing Diane by eating stuff off the floor failed to make any real mark, but it did encourage further conversation. Barbara took a break from making the beds to talk to Eddie about the new house, and Diane overhearing their conversation couldn’t help commenting to Chet on the same thing.

Chase, who had by this time been dancing for around three hours, must have gotten bored and needed something else to occupy her mind. In this case it was staring out of the window and then taking some personal ‘Chase-time’ by admiring herself in the mirror.

Chet’s conversation took a rather sour turn when Diane stated the perfection derives from the soul not the body. An argument kicked off, but luckily Diane’s calming, gentle personality was able to deflect the situation before it got too bad by talking to him about exercise. Overhearing this argument, Barbara and Eddie shared a gossip moment, before Barbara returned to bed-making and Eddie sat back down on the couch and started playing more Video Games. He was joined shortly afterwards by Barbara who got bored making beds.

“I get to be the red guy…!”

It’s worth stating at this point that Lucifer is still waiting for his chance to scare Margaret, having racked up two hours of just standing there waiting. That’s dedication, I suppose. Eventually giving up, but not shaking that ‘Gotta Scare Somebody’ feeling, he stalks Chet and gives him the scare of his life. Once the shock and surprise wore off, Chet realised that the scare had got his adrenaline going. In a surprising act of friendship, Chet sat down with Lucifer and spent the next few hours playing Video games with him. Barbara feeling the itch of housework, got up once more to finish making those beds.

The horn from the bus signaled that it was time for Chase and Obsidian to go to school. Obsidian stopped painting, and Chase stopped talking to Margaret about computers. They both should have paid a bit more attention towards themselves, as they both trundled off to school hungry and needing the bathroom. Obsidian hadn’t even showered, so he was not in a good way.

Chase has really done her homework…

One by one the House-guests stomachs started to rumble so they all headed to the kitchen to scavenge. Thankfully, there was enough of Chet’s Autumn Salad from last night for everyone. With everyone’s stomachs full and the fridge now empty someone will have to cook again, if anyone is going to eat well later.

Barbara bustled around the cluttered kitchen, collecting the dirty plates. Lucifer who has now gathered his strength for more insulting mocked Eddies’ grumpiness. This had the desired effect, namely riling Eddie up. Eddie then insulted Lucifer’s family which grew into a full-blown argument. Eddies attempt at making up with Lucifer by talking about the latest movies, didn’t save the situation, and they both walked away. Even though Lucifer loves conflict, neither he or Eddie could help feeling humiliated after this exchange. So much so, that Eddie just sat in front of the TV, and Lucifer played Video Games again with his gaming buddy Chet.

For the first time since they moved in. Margaret made an effort to be social with other members of the Sims household. After Barbara had complained to Margaret about all the dishes she had to clean, they spoke of cooking and gardening. At which point they retired to the settee and watched Chet and Lucifer play video games, until Margaret fancied a go herself and joined in.

By now the aches and pains Chet had developed from the huge workout he had yesterday had all but disappeared. He went outside and started swimming lengths, whilst Diane skinny-dipped in the hot-tub; which wasn’t very angelic.

After what seemed like a long day at school, Chase and Obsidian finally returned home and had two different attitudes to homework. Chase set off to the kitchen to complete hers, while Obsidian stood around watching the TV completely forgetting he had any, or not being bothered to do it.

Lucifer needing to express his hatred of the Arts interrupted Chase from her homework and told her so. Chase agreed and complained back to Lucifer about school. It was only her first day, but she didn’t like it. Feeling as if he had been out-complained, Lucifer went over to Obsidian to see if his day was any better. It wasn’t and Lucifer got a double helping of school complaints from both of the teenagers. Not being a fan of kids anyway, The whining got too much for Lucifer. Having had enough, he shouted back Obsidian and told him to ‘stop being such a baby’. Obsidian skulked off back to the Creative room, and started a new sculpture to express his pain and hurt.

They day hadn’t been exciting up to this point, but now it got even less so. With each house-guest just relaxing. Barbara was playing darts, Margaret sat reading by the computers, Obsidian sculpted, Chet took a bath, Chase put the finishing touches to her homework, and Lucifer, Diane and Eddie all played yet more video games.

By 19:35, nearly everyone was enjoying some kind of electronic equipment. Six House-guests were playing Video games, and Barbara played Darts. Only Obsidian was doing something constructive; continuing his clay sculpture. Barbara taking a break from gaming, encourage Obsidian to improve his skills. Knowing he would need to excel in both Painting and Sculpting if he was going to become an artist, he went back to the painting he started early that day.

“Just one more level? Pleeeease”

As Margaret was the first to rise, it’s appropriate that she was the first to go to bed at 21:25, shortly followed by Chase at 21:45, and Chet crashed out at 10:10.

By midnight, Diane and Eddie were still furiously hammering away at the arcade games. Obsidian was still working on his art, and Lucifer was playing Computer games. With half the house still awake, Day 2 drew to a close.

Post Day Analysis.

Day 2 wasn’t really what I was expecting. For a start most of the day was occupied by the Sims just watching TV or playing video games. This is probably my fault in putting too many fun items in the house. Maybe the next experiment is to put them in a ridiculously small house with few amenities and see how long they take to crack… Of course, all the video game playing did increase the relationships of anyone playing as did the watching TV so it wasn’t a completely reward-less activity.

In a 21st Century House everyone’s plugged in.


We are starting to see some more social actions taking place. Lucifer had antagonised nearly everyone in the house, (I think only Chase got away unscathed) as well as gaining a lot of relationship points from all the gaming with Chet.

School? Yeah, I had completely forgotten about this when I created the House-guests but in retrospect, I’m quite glad it’s a factor. It gives another area to explore as well as an increased level of stress for the teens. Obsidian not doing his homework may also prove interesting. Ideally, for the sake of the experiment, I’d like one teenager to really excel in school and one to really flunk it, but I suspect that the action for completing homework is likely to be random across both kids.

What do I expect in Day 3? Well, with a lot of the Sims’ bar’s in the yellow, I suspect the first thing to happen is a lot of people going to the toilet, taking a shower and eating. We’ll see if Obsidian fails to do his homework two days in a row. Also, hoping that the relationships develop further. I know it’s only day 2, but I want people fighting and snogging. Although probably not the same people doing both.

House-guest Status

  • Diane – Tired, hungry and still awake.
  • Lucifer – Tired, needs to pee, hungry and still awake
  • Eddie – Tired, needs to pee, hungry and still awake
  • Barbara – Tired and hungry
  • Obsidian – Tired, needs to pee, needs a shower, hungry and still awake.
  • Chase – Hungry, quite stinky
  • Chet – Needs to pee and hungry
  • Margaret – Hungry and needs to pee.

Skill increases

  • Chet – Athletics skill (Now level 3)
  • Obsidian
    • Sculpting Skill (Now Level 3)
    • Painting (Now level 2)
  • Margaret – Logic (Now Level 2)

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