Darkfall Online Interview

MMORPG.com has conducted an interview with several key Razorwax developers, in which they discuss the upcoming fantasy MMORPG, Darkfall Online. Check it out:

Q: Are there any plans for how ships will be stored or protected while offline?

A: When a ship is docked in a harbor before the player logs out, then the ship is safely stored. If not, then it may be destroyed. Destroying a ship isn’t the easiest thing to do and you’ll need another ship to do this with. Darkfall features many different kinds of ships, such as large warships, merchant vessels, small scouting and skirmish boats, even a pirate ship. An interesting functionality about Darkfall’s ships is that players can move on board, fight on them, or fight from them using their own or the boat’s weapons to attack other boats or to fire on land targets. Players don’t just “become” the boat upon entering it.

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