Darkest Dungeon PlayStation 4 and Vita Release Date Announced

It’s been a while since we last heard news of Darkest Dungeon’s planned PlayStation 4 and PSVita versions (their delay dates all the way back to April), so it’s certainly a pleasant surprise to learn that a concrete release date has finally been announced. RPG aficionados on Sony’s consoles can look forward to Red Hook Studios’ dungeon crawler about the psychological toll of dungeon crawling coming their way on September 27:

Ruin has come to our family… and the terrible task of restoring your estate to its former glory falls to you. It brings us great pleasure to finally announce the upcoming release date for Darkest Dungeon for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita: 27th September 2016.

The game will also feature cross-buy and cross-save, meaning both platforms will share the same saves and buying the game on one will also grant you the title on the other platform too:

The game will feature both Cross Buy and Cross Save – meaning you’ll buy once and share your Estate between your PS4 and your PS Vita.

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