Darkest Dungeon II – Bounty Hunter Teaser

The upcoming Altar of Hope update for Red Hook Studios’ Darkest Dungeon II will be introducing the Bounty Hunter class to the side-scrolling sequel. However, as opposed to an actual party member, Darkest Dungeon II’s Bounty Hunter will act as a prestige class of sorts and will only stick with your party for a while.

Here’s a quick teaser for the class:

And what you can expect from it:

The Altar of Hope update will introduce a new and enigmatic character to the Darkest Dungeon 2 roster. The Bounty Hunter is here to lend your band of companions a hand – for a price.

Unlike the core group of adventurers who rally at the Crossroads, the Bounty Hunter wanders from Inn to Inn, in search of his next job. If you are lucky enough to stumble upon him, and are willing to pay the price, he will replace one of your active heroes for the duration of the next region.

The Bounty Hunter is as versatile as he is deadly. A lifetime spent stalking the shadows has honed his prowess to an uncanny deadliness. He is stronger and tougher than his peers- boasting higher base damage, resistances, and overall enhanced combat efficacy.

A consummate professional, the Bounty Hunter will not gain or lose affinity with the party. He is here to do his job, and has no interest in fostering friendships, or petty bickering. He is still vulnerable to stress, however, as any sane person should be.

  • Collect Bounty – hefty axe attack that deals bonus damage if the target has Combo
  • Mark for Death – designates a monster, applying both Combo and Vulnerable tokens
  • Come Hither – ranged rope hook attack that pulls the target forward and applies Combo
  • Uppercut – vicious punch that knocks the target back and Stuns them
  • Flashbang – utility skill that can shuffle, Blind, Daze, and Stun a target if they have Combo
  • Finish Him – melee axe attack with good reach that ignores Block and deals dramatically more damage to Stunned or Dazed opponents
  • Caltrops – ranged single target Bleed that deals heavy penalties to Move RES and SPD
  • Hurlbat – ranged axe throw that deals heavy damage to Burning targets and ignores Dodge if the target has Combo
  • Staredown – designates a monster, applying Weak tokens while clearing his own Vulnerable tokens and gaining Taunt
  • No Escape – low damage ranged throwing axe that Stuns a target and applies Combo
  • Bodyguard – provides cover for another Hero, guarding them and granting himself some Block

Passive Ability: Professional – The Bounty Hunter has a chance to refresh Combo on a target when using a skill that would normally consume it (Collect Bounty, Flashbang, Finish Him, Caltrops, and Hurlbat).

The Bounty Hunter is a powerful addition to any party, and may be just the thing you need to push through the upcoming region in your quest to reach the mountain…

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Altar of Hope update!

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