Dark Envoy Update – Character Editor

The latest development update for Event Horizon’s upcoming Guns N’ Sorcery RPG Dark Envoy briefly talks about character customization of the visual kind and also showcases a few of the faces you can create with the game’s editor.

Here are the text bits:

Creating and customizing your hero is essential to all RPGs. In Dark Envoy, you can choose the class, attributes, equipment and the appearance of each of your party members!

Before you venture forth, you can decide on your character’s face, skin color, hair, eye color, eyebrows, facial hair, makeup, scars or war paint. All the heroes in Dark Envoy carry their own burden. One look into their eyes and you’ll know that the story they want to share with you isn’t a fairy tale, but a dark adventure into which they plunge without knowing exactly what the future holds for them.

The face models were created by Konrad. If you want to see more of his work, visit his Twitter:

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