Dark Envoy Lore Update

With Gamescom upon us, in lieu of some big reveal or a new trailer for Dark Envoy, Event Horizon brings us this quick lore article that spends a couple of paragraphs to introduce us to the game’s two main factions. Check it out:

The conflict between the League and the Empire

The conflict between the League and the Empire is far more complicated than public opinion sees it. But to help the perception of this animosity, let me picture it like that, my friends, a tad simplified: a group of friends, that will be our representation of League, lives on a farm. They let a stray into the barn, be it from pity or curiosity. You don’t need me to tell you who the stray represents— you follow my allegory, I hope. However, the stray seems to be quite an ingenious one and takes the barn as its own, arms it, and gathers materials to formally challenge the group of friends’ ownership over the whole farm. The stray believes that if it was to dictate the farm’s pace, it would prosper way better. Current owners disagree.

That, my friends, is how the Empire seeks to take the hegemony from the League.

And who are we? We are just the poor cattle, watching the conflict unravel.

– An excerpt from an academic lecture

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