Dark Envoy Art Update

Event Horizon, the team behind the upcoming sci-fantasy RPG Dark Envoy, brings us this here development update showcasing some of the game’s monsters. Check out the actual update for the images, but here are the text bits accompanying them:


My name is Michał, but everyone calls me Sowa. I’m responsible for Dark Envoy’s concept art and art direction. I’ve been working at Event Horizon almost since the beginning, and started my career as an illustrator and concept artist for Tower of Time. Before jumping into gaming, I wanted to be an architect and then a chef, but my brother got me into independent mobile development, and that’s when it clicked. That was almost 10 years ago now.

Today I want to share with you concepts for one of our low-tier enemies. Manaless believe that any creature with mana is nutritious.

As you can see, we’d many ideas on how this minion should look like, but finally, we decided on a silhouette that represents the destructive influence of addiction. Take a look for yourself…

And here’s the final model created by one of our 3D artists, Velmir.

More updates and more enemies on the way!

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